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April 9, 2018
The Waterbury Symphony Presents Force of Nature
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Concert Details
Force of Nature: April 22, Sunday 3PM* 
NVCC Fine Arts Center, 750 Chase Parkway, Waterbury, CT 06708
* Pre-Concert Insights, 2-2:30pm, Robert Cinnante, WSO Executive Director
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No.6 in F Major, Op.68, “Pastoral”
STRAVINSKY: The Rite of Spring

The WSO concludes its 80th season on Earth Day with a celebration of nature, courtesy of two of the greatest composers the world has ever known. Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony is an expansive, lyric respite for this revolutionary of 19th century music. Stravinsky saw nature in all its wildness and spring as a rebirth of life from roots as ancient as the earth itself. His music for the ballet The Rite of Spring stirred sensation at its 1913 premiere, changing the course of music history forever.

The concert, conducted by WSO Music Director & Condcutor Leif Bjaland, is the final in the Symphony's 2017-2018 Subscription Series at NVCC. According to Bjaland, "These pieces are like two sides of the same naturalistic coin. Beethoven celebrates the transcendent beauty of nature, the light reflecting through green leaves and babbling brooks. Even his thunderstorm is less threatening than thrilling! Stravinsky on the other hand views nature as a powerful, even terrifying
force. Stravinsky dominated 20th century music in the same way the Beethoven dominated 19th. They are both works of towering genius."

Tickets & Subscriptions
Single tickets to each performance start at $20, with special discounts available for students. Subscribers enjoy exclusive benefits all season long, with flexible packages beginning at just $54.  To learn more, visit www.waterburysymphony.org, or call 203-574-4283.

About Waterbury Symphony Orchestra
Founded in May 1938 under the direction of Maestro Mario DiCecco, the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra (WSO) has spent the past several decades promoting the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of symphonic and orchestral music. Originally incorporated as the Waterbury Civic Orchestra (1940), the Symphony and its mission have grown in both vision and artistic merit, expanding from a community orchestra to the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra (1956). The WSO has been led by Music Director and Conductor Leif Bjaland since 1994.

The WSO builds connections across our region with exploratory concerts, events, and educational programs. The WSO maintains a firm commitment to produce programs that are of value to its patrons, participants and community partners. This commitment is rooted in the Symphony’s core belief that the study of musical instruments and participation in musical performance is essential to creating community.

The WSO has been Orchestra-in-Residence at Naugatuck Valley Community College since 1992.

2017-2018 Season Sponsor: MacDermid Performance Solutions

Force of Nature Concert Sponsor: Hubbard Hall  



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